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Finally, a solution that truly works!

What's our secret sauce? A clever combination of sports psychology, gamification, and engaging events designed to get teams moving.

Fueled by the expertise of sports psychologists and kinesiologists, our solution is fortified with data science to elevate each individual's wellness journey, aligning with the World Health Organization's physical activity recommendations

Backed by science

Numbers don't lie

of our users feel that Propulsion has boosted and sustained their physical activity levels.

of our users plan to use Propulsion on the long run.

increase in our users meeting WHO's recommendations for physical activity

Wellness at work made simple

Save time and money with a turnkey wellness solution

Simple management of users, teams and challenges

Annual planning already integrated

24/7 Customer support

Easy onboarding

Communications templates included

Boost engagement

Mobilize your work teams with a solution that facilitates engagement for everyone

Various challenge modes

Teams by department or region

Content end quizzes on holistic health

Compatible with most sports watches and apps

Personal progress view

Infinite possibilities to get teams moving

Strengthen team cohesion with challenges that encourage collaboration and team spirit.


Set a common company goal and achieve it together as a team.


Create teams by departments or regions and put them to the test.


Convert all your activities into trees planted.


Show your commitment by collecting donations through physical activities.


Unite your company and challenge other active organizations.

Thematic days

Promote individual engagement with days focused on physical and mental well-being.

Celebrate achievements

Leverage our flexible rewards system to promote healthy habits within your team.

Gift cards rewards

Unique experiences like a spa day

Regular draws for active participant

Wellness budget allocation

Customized reward options

Measure success

Keep track of the engagement and success of your health initiatives with our detailed analytical reports.

Monthly activity reports

Engagement metrics

Recommendations for initiatives

Your company’s ranking vs. the industry

Carbon footprint metrics

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