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  • What fitness apps and watches are compatible with ProPulsion?
    Currently, the health apps from Apple and Google Fit for Android as well as the fitness watches Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin are compatible with the app. We plan to support other activity monitors in the future.
  • I have an activity watch that is not listed. Can I use it with ProPulsion?
    To use data from any fitness tracker (other than those listed), visit the monitor's app settings and select the options needed to share your data with Apple Health (if you have an iPhone) or Google Fit (if you have an Android).
  • ProPulsion does not count my steps. What can I do to fix it?
    First, make sure you have the latest version of the application. If you're using an iPhone, make sure Apple's health app shares data with ProPulsion: Close the ProPulsion app Open the Health app Press sources in the bottom menu Press ProPulsion Make sure your activity data is turned on. If the authorization of your data is already activated (green), please deactivate and reactivate the function If you open and refresh the ProPulsion app and still don't see any data, please follow these steps: Open the Settings section of your iPhone Tap privacy Tap on Motions and Shape Make sure the fitness and health tracking functions are activated If you are using an Android, make sure the Google Fit app is sharing data with ProPulsion First, please make sure you have selected Google Fit as your data source in the ProPulsion app Tap the Profile icon Tap Settings Tap: Change connection to my devices Select Google Fit Then follow these steps: Close ProPulsion Open the Google Fit app Press Menu Tap Settings Scroll down to the Google Fit data section Tap connected apps Make sure ProPulsion is in your account's apps list. If the ProPulsion application is not present, see which account the application is under and give access to it in the application.
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